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Sixteen years ago, Claire Holfelder founded a language business in Lingenfeld and today we are based in the centre of Speyer and have recently set up new offices in Morbach. In addition to this, we have acquired a language business in Mannheim with international clients and language trainers.
We are a team of 30 international professionals, whose passion is teaching and developing others' language skills and confidence.  We are native speakers who have experience not only in teaching but also in business, therefore we can anticipate and understand your needs. We can tailor our language and skills to your personal or business objectives.
Our company culture is very open, friendly and supportive, this is reflected in the feedback and results that we achieve with our business partners and people. Please do ask for our testimonials as we are very proud of what we offer and deliver.

Are you looking to improve your foreign language skills and need flexible, fair, professional help?
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Feel at ease at Holfelder Languages in our warm, creative, pleasant atmosphere. Be inspired by our colourful premises in Speyer and in Morbach - ideal for your language learning.  Whether we are teaching languages, learning languages or exchanging ideas about languages - that's where we are at home. And you are welcome to be at home with us. Our team consists of friendly, patient, imaginative native speakers who look forward to going on your journey with you.  

Personal - Practice-oriented - Professional

We provide you with your own personal teacher who caters for your needs and ensures your personal language development. Appointments are made on an individual basis directly with the teacher. Online lessons are taught on a one-to-one basis - there are no pre-designed course structures. After the lesson, you receive an email summary of the content, reiterating the areas to work on and outlining ways to improve. To take part in your individual online lessons, you only require a computer, internet and an email address. For classroom lessons, we also have everything you need. Books can be ordered if desired.

Online Lessons

We have the ideal solution for you, whether from home, the office, or from your holiday - wherever you are, we offer total flexibility. Our native speakers provide you with individual lessons, helping you with every step of your language learning online. Every lesson is live with your teacher and not based on pre-programmed concepts. Our many years of experience in online teaching has resulted in hundreds of happy language learners who have benefited from our individual, professional online approach.

Our USP is a comprehensive email summary of your lesson - learning a language is all about communication so we believe sending you information after the lesson helps you to manifest what was learned in that session.

personal – practice-oriented – professional

You always have your own personal language teacher. Your online lessons are live and individual - no pre-programmed course. You receive a comprehensive email after the lesson, personally put together, summarizing the content of the lesson and offering advice and useful information on points discussed in the lesson. You are accompanied by a native speaker all the way. You can arrange the time and length of your appointment with your teacher directly. You can have your lessons wherever you are in the world.

Our partners

We at Holfelder Languages work with various partner companies.

BNI Chapter Fontane

BNI Chapter Schinderhannes

Esh Consulting