Working with Holfelder Languages is fun and they are a very nice team. I like the flexibility, the commitment they bring and the tailored programmes. It is very impressive that you are always taught by native speakers, and how much you learn from their lessons.

Daria Zimmer, Alutech

A wonderful and very committed language school that supported my son in English lessons for years alongside school. The trainer responded very individually to his interests and thus motivated him to improve his English. He even got an apprenticeship at an American-run company. Thanks to Claire Holfelder and her great team. I can definitely recommend Holfelder Languages.

Stefan Hebinger, Deidesheim

We have been using you to teach our employees English for several years and I am amazed at how professionally and enthusiastically your work is carried out. Learning a foreign language from a native speaker online is very convenient and for us a perfect solution. We can highly recommend it.
We thank you for that.

Günter D., Möbel und Einrichtungshaus, Speyer

I have been a member of Claire's students since 2009. There in the beginning I love to remember the English Weekends Away, including movie evenings, cooking English food together such as toad in the hole or real English breakfast and playing the "Who is who?" - game. While time is going on it gave me a big confidence in talking and studying English, to talk to Claire before writing class tests or giving English speeches at class. Now while I'm studying at University I can still feel the impact of Claire's empowering and very helpful lessons. There is no fear to read an English text nor working with is. All in all, I can truly recommend Holfelder Languages, and am really happy to be a part of pupils. 

Written by Marie

Since I arrived in Germany two years ago, I've been taking private lessons at the Holfelder language school. Claire made every class fun and it was never a chore to attend. My German has improved so much in the limited time and has enabled me to get a good job here in Germany and also to make friends, which is due to my confidence in speaking my mother tongue. Claire also helped me make new friends by going to class with other English speakers.

Justin - Private Student from England

INP Deutschland GmbH has been successfully partnering with Holfelder Languages for several years. Our employees benefit from individual lessons that consist of grammar and varied discussions that are tailored to the student's ability and level. Speaking freely with a native speaker is especially fun and supports our daily working lives in an international company.

INP Deutschland GmbH

Thanks for various PERFECT translations for my clients' websites.

Siegfried Probst dialog-2360.de

Dear Claire, thank you for creating the German and English soundtracks for my YouTube video - your voice is simply adorable.

Tim Krüger Heidelberg osteopathie-chiropraktik-heidelberg.de

Especially with complex, multilingual or international projects, Ms. Holfelder was always at my side with professional help. Thank you!

Moritz Frohmüller, M.A. mfbrainworx.de

Claire is an excellent teacher. I had no previous knowledge of German. By creating a fun, relaxed and easy going environment in which to learn, Claire is helping me to make great progress with my German.

Ilana Carter - Adult learner German Language

The language school Holfelder Languages in Speyer is great for learning your desired language casually from anywhere. The teachers are super nice, helpful and understanding in every situation. Whether it's help with homework, preparation for (oral) exams or just relaxed talking, everyone is willing to help me where I need help the most. Thanks to the language courses, I can now travel to English-speaking countries and communicate without worrying. Always flexible and like a friend with whom you can exchange information about the latest.

Maxi – student, Gymnasium Speyer

I have been living in the USA for some time. I improve my English with the online lessons at the Holfelder Sprachschule, regardless of whether I am at home or in the office. I appreciate the flexibility and the competence of the teachers. At a learning pace determined by me, I get the desired fine-tuning for my English skills by "chatting" and analyzing my collected e-mail excerpts.

Daniel Z.; originally from Switzerland