Train and retain employees - with our company language training from Speyer

Communication is one of the most important cornerstones of business success. In a globalized world, it is also essential to be able to communicate in different languages. Basic foreign language skills are taken for granted in international companies today. Learning languages will therefore become an important success factor for you, your employees and your company.

Why offer company training as a languageschool from Speyer?

Finding and retaining good employees is one of the greatest challenges companies face in today's work environment. Many employers compete for the best and offer their employees numerous benefits and incentives. In the service and online society, qualified employees count more than any location advantage or any good business idea. Without the right employees, your company will not be successful.

The three challenges that every employer faces with regard to their employees are therefore recruiting the best, further training and retaining good employees. Language training can help you with all three tasks. If you offer corporate language learning training in your company, it helps your employer brand. New employees like to choose employers with good training opportunities, and highly qualified employees are not so easily lured away by employers who care about the development of their employees. In addition, our language school offers your employees the opportunity to develop in a targeted manner. In addition, joint training promotes cohesion among colleagues and thus strengthens team spirit.

As an employer, we of course also offer you the opportunity to tailor our company training precisely to your needs and your industry. Our courses are not “off the peg”, but take into account the professional floor of your employees and the special vocabulary they need in their everyday life. Your employees are among themselves and can therefore also play through and train company-specific situations in a targeted manner and thus prepare themselves for the challenges in your company.

Learn languages ​​in our or your company premises

Our company training offers you several advantages at the same time: You can offer your employees attractive advanced training that gives them higher qualifications and makes you more attractive as an employer. The courses take place either in our language school, in the Mannheim area also in your company premises or online. All courses can be held individually or in small groups. Your employees learn exactly what they need for their job. The course content will of course be discussed in detail with you in advance. Our company training therefore actively promotes your employees and thus your entire company.