Language courses for children

Learning languages with ease

Language courses for children

If you are looking for regular support for your child from a young age, we have you covered. We offer individual solutions in short units on a regular basis, designed to allow your child to develop their skills over a period of time and form a strong underlying foundation which will benefit them for a lifetime. We have worked with hundreds of children in the last number of years and thoroughly enjoy watching them develop through their teenage years and being able to deal with complex situations with the self-confidence they have gained in our lessons. Most importantly, your child is given ample opportunity to speak in the foreign language, something which often falls short at school.

Extra Tuition

We have been looking after children in their journey through school for years now and are experienced with all types of schools in the German system and beyond. We pride ourselves in picking up the child where he is rather than offering a standard programme. Children build up a long-lasting, trusting relationship with us and we are their port of call when it comes to issues at school in a foreign language. Our flexiblilty allows for that all-important extra lesson before a class test or an important exam. Children can join us on a pay-as-you-go basis at our school or online.

Assisting you in:

  • broadening your vocabulary
  • grammar
  • practice-oriented speaking
  • building the confidence to apply the right thing at the right moment

Available course set-ups

  • Group lessons in your company or in our school
  • One-to-one lessons in our school
  • Online lessons individually or in a group

Language lessons for toddlers and small children

We provide your child with the help he/she needs, from the age of 4 onwards. Many of our younger learners enjoy a Saturday-morning group, others take advantage of our weekly 30-minute live online sessions with one of our native speaker teachers. Children come to us from all different schools: primary, secondary and grammar schools both in the area and all over Germany. We also prepare you for a range of Cambridge certificates and other language exams such as TOEFL and IELTS so that you are ready to pass the exam with flying colours at an institution of your choice.