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Glimpses of the British way of life

Learning a language and ever wondered if there was a bit more to understanding it?

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The importance of reading at home

Have you ever wondered how some families seem to have a real reading culture at home?

Having worked with children and young teens, I always ask the same question, how often do you read? Usually, they admit that they only read as a necessity and not for pleasure.

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Foreign language teaching through games

After years of teaching ESL, you get to know a lot of different teaching styles. There are those still carrying the CD player around and then there are the super modern mastering our digital age. However, one method proven to be very successful in encouraging both children and adults alike, both online and in the classroom, is teaching through games.

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What do I like about teaching?

One of our teachers Jon has given us an insight in to what he likes about teaching!

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Train and retain employees - with our company language training from Speyer

Communication is one of the most important cornerstones of business success. In a globalized world, it is also essential to be able to communicate in different languages. Basic foreign language skills are taken for granted in international companies today. Learning languages will therefore become an important success factor for you, your employees and your company.

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